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2016-17 Calendar

(Dates and times of all activities are subject to change.)

August 29
First Day of School
Start of the Development Year
September 5
Labor Day
Day Care Closed
September 13
Parenting Meeting
October 3-14
Parent Teacher Conferences
Scheduled by Appointment
October 31
Halloween Party
All are welcome! Boo!
November 3
*Reservations due for the Thanksgiving Pot Luck Luncheon (11/24)*
November 9
Picture Day
Everyone smile!
November 22
Thanksgiving Luncheon
November 24
Day Care Closed
November 25
Thanksgiving Break
Day Care Closed
December 3
St. Ann's Christmas Open House
Bring your family and friends! Take a tour of the areas that are not a part of the Child Care Center, like our High School and Residential programs. Visit your child's classroom.
December 9
*Reservations due for the weeks of December 21 to 31*
December 16
Christmas Program
All are invited!
December 25
Christmas Day
Merry Christmas! God Bless everyone!
December 26
Christmas Observed
Day Care Closed
January 1
New Year's Day
January 2
New Year's Day Observed
Day Care Closed
January 16
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Day Care Closed
February 14
Valentine's Day Celebration
All are welcome!
February 20
President's Day
Day Care Closed
February 28
Parent Meeting
March 6-10
Parent Visitation Week
All parents are invited to visit classrooms and spend some time with your children and teachers in the Child Care Center.
March 10
Breakfast Celebration
7:00am - 8:15am
Enjoy breakfast with your child and their teachers. All are welcome!
April 5
*Reservations due for the week of April 17 to 21*
April 13
Holy Thursday & Easter Egg Hunt
All are welcome!
April 14
Good Friday
Day Care Closed.
April 16
Easter Sunday
Happy Easter! God Bless!
April 17 - 21
Spring Break
Day Care Closed
Reservations Required
April 24 - Mary 5
Parent Teacher Conferences
Scheduled by Appointment
May 14
Happy Mother's Day!
May 15 - 19
St. Ann's Child Care Center Spirit Week!
May 19
Multicultural Day
May 29
Memorial Day
Day Care Closed.
June 9
Last Day of School
Last day of the regular development child care program. Celebration for children leaving the 4 year-old program for Kindergarten at 3:30pm. 
June 12
Start of Summer Recreation Program
Please bring (on or before this date) a bathing suit, towel, water shoes, and an outside water bottle for water play. Please be sure to label all items.
June 18
Happy Father's Day
July 3
Annual 4th of July Celebration
Parade at 3:00pm; Party to follow.
July 4
4th of July
Day Care Closed.
August 18
Last Day for Children not Returning in the Fall
August 21 - 22
Play Days
No Program; in house children will visit.

August 23-25

Aug. 28-Sept 1

Wed, Thurs, Fri. Day Care CLOSED. Teacher work days

New children start and in-house children complete moving.