Supportive and Transitional Housing

In our Faith House and Hope House programs, vulnerable young families receive resources and support to help them make a successful transition to financial independence and self-sufficiency within two years.

Our residents have access to a comprehensive continuum of care that not only addresses their immediate housing and living needs, but also prepares them for a successful career, stable family life, and confident  future.

Faith House

Our Faith House program is housed in a separate building on St. Ann’s campus. Each Faith House family lives in their own private apartment unit with shared kitchen and community living areas.

Faith House participants receive access to all of our supportive services, in a more independent setting.

Hope House

Our Hope House residents live in single-room units on the first floor of St. Ann’s main building. Each of our large, comfortable rooms is fully-furnished for a single mother with children.

In Hope House, residents have access to our supportive services, in addition to 24-hour supervision and care.

Who is eligible for the program?

Homeless and at-risk single women with children may apply to our Supportive and Transitional Housing program. Applicants must be willing to sign a rental agreement committing to the following:

  • rent based on a small percentage of income
  • maintaining employment
  • maintaining a safe, clean, and healthy home
  • being a good parent
  • being a good neighbor

Applicants are evaluated by our staff based on the following criteria:

  • Need
  • Wilingness to participate in the program
  • St. Ann's ability to meet the applicant's needs

What services does the program provide?

Those young mothers accepted into the program embark on a two year learning experience that provides:

  • a stable and healthy living environment
  • job development and placement
  • parenting support
  • financial management
  • stress management and counseling
  • access to 24-hour nursing
  • developmental child care program
  • training opportunities

Faith House and Hope House residents receive guidance and support from a full-time Case Manager who helps them set realistic personal, educational and employment goals. Residents are also encouraged to work with the child care providers and other St. Ann's staff for support.

For more information about our Faith House and Hope House, please contact the Case Manager at (301) 559-5500.