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September 2020 - September 2021

PRESIDENT Tonya Sharpe

VICE PRESIDENT Charles Asmar, Esq.

SECRETARY Mary Armstead

TREASURER Carolyn Snyder McVie

  Elise M. Ambrose ♦ Lynda M. Anderson ♦ John F. Bean, Jr.

Jane Kammer (Kammie) Bell ♦ Anthony J. (Tony) Cancelosi ♦ Mary Dee Clancy

 Lenora Fuller-McCall ♦ Mary Lou Goehrung ♦ Connie LaRossa Fabiano

♦ John Magnolia ♦ Jeannine Marino

  Mary McCormick ♦ Barbara Ann Kelly Myers ♦ Vernon Pizzi ♦ Patrick Selwood, Esq. 

 Margaret (Meg) C. Slovenkay ♦ Colleen Williams    


Emeritus Members of Board of Directors

Elaine Baugham-Young   ♦  Mary Lou Kretschmer ♦ † Anne E. Schneiders, Esq.


Chief Executive Officer
Sr. Mary Bader, DC   
Vice President of Finance & Administration
Karen Gilroy
Vice President of Programs
Amy Rice
Director, Clinical and Social Work Services
Shaneen Alvarez, LCSW-C, LISCW
Director, Residential Programs
Jeanette Chittams
Director, Human Resources
Louise Cole
Director, Child Care Center
Monique Harper
Administrator of Contracts, Licensing and Special Projects 
Peggy Howard Gatewood