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St. Ann's Child Care Center

How long has your center been operating?

St. Ann’s Child Care Center, founded in 1949, was reopened in 1982 for the children of working parents. The program is tailored to the unique needs of each child, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background. Our center was the first non-hospital-based infant day care program licensed in Maryland.

What are your staff qualifications?

All of our staff meet the licensing requirements for the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care.  In addition, many of our staff have their Child Development Associate (CDA) and are a part of the Maryland State Child Care Credentialing Program.  All full-time staff are First Aid and CPR certified.  As a bonus, we have an RN on staff during operating hours.

What about meals?

Children eat breakfast before coming to the center. Parents provide a morning and afternoon snack as well as a nutritious lunch.  The center provides milk and juice.

Will my child be taught to read and write?

The focus of our program is on social and emotional development and learning through play.  Beginning in our infant program children start learning the skills necessary to read and write by interacting with books, painting pictures, singing songs, and using crayons.  As the children get older we provide additional hands-on activities to make learning come alive and help children begin to recognize letters of the alphabet and numbers and increase their exposure to mathematical, science, and social studies concepts.  Children are provided with work boxes once they reach our 4 year old program that enable them to move at their own pace and continue to master those skills necessary to begin reading and writing. 

Can I observe my child?

In order for parents to become comfortable with our environment, the first week of admission is an orientation week that gradually introduces your child to the center.  We have an open door policy so you are always welcome to observe your child and our program in action.