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Life Skills

St. Ann's Center for Children, Youth & Families

Parenting & Life Skills

Every family served in our housing programs is supported by daily mentoring, therapeutic care, and weekly classes to improve their parenting and life skills.

Our Curriculum

A key component of St. Ann's housing programs is our on-site parenting and life skills curriculum. Here are just a few of the sessions offered this year:

Infant CPR and First Aid  • Child Centered Play • Infant Contact  

Growth & Motor Development • Discipline: Using Your Authority Wisely

Household Management
Cash Flow Budgeting • Understanding Work/Life Benefits  • Housekeeping 

Creating a Safety & Emergency Plan  • Tax Education & Preparation

Nutrition & Wellness
Building Support Systems • Positive Self Image

Creative Cooking  • Nutrition & Exercise  •  Zumba  

Social Work Services

A crucial component of our residential services is the on-site access to Social Work Services. A social worker is assigned to each resident and helps her to access health benefits, child care vouchers and other benefits. Our team also provides group and individual counseling, helping young mothers begin to heal from a background of neglect or severe traumatic experiences.


St. Ann’s Life Skills & Parenting Classes are open to current and former residents of St. Ann's Teen Mother & Baby Program and Transitional Housing Programs.

For information on how to apply, please visit our admissions page.