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Tashia's Story

Octubre 1, 2015
St. Ann's Center - Hope House
At St. Ann's Center, we believe the best ambassadors of our mission are our clients, the young mothers and children who have benefitted from our housing and support programs. Tashia and her son entered our Hope House program in the spring of 2015. Our staff is constantly inspired by Tashia's strength, ambition and commitment to creating a better future for her son.
This is Tashia's Story.

My son and I moved into Hope House six months ago, when he was 15 months old. I had been living at the time with my mom. I had to leave my job and school to stay home with my son because I couldn’t fi­nd child care for him.

One day my mom told me about St. Ann’s. The church she attends has helped women and children living at St. Ann’s before. I was excited to learn about the program because I felt like I needed more direction. It was such a relief to know that my son would be taken care of in the Child Care Center while I worked during the day.

Ms. Swain’s classes [in the Education and Employment Program] have been really helpful. She has taught me a lot about budgeting and how to manage my savings. I have learned how much money I should be saving from my paycheck. Now I can save up for a car and apartment for my son and myself.

Since I moved into Hope House, I have been meeting weekly with Mr. Justin, the Employment Counselor. He has helped me to write my resume, ­find better jobs and ­fill out job applications. One day I would like to own my own business – maybe a clothing store. I would also like to help people in need.

I decided to return to my job at a restaurant while I work on my career goals. I used to work part-time, but now I am working for them full-time and the manager puts me on day shifts. If I ever have to work a night shift, my Hope House neighbor watches my son. I do the same for her when she has a night shift.

I love being a mom. I have always had a motherly instinct and just love taking care of my son and teaching him new things. We have so much fun. I hope that one day my son will be involved in his church and will help out in the community. I also hope that he will do well in school and be an athlete. I see so much in him.