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Hope Blossoms 2021

Help us celebrate our 160th Anniversary!

CEO Sister Mary Bader & the St. Ann's Center Board of Directors
invite you to save the date for Hope Blossoms 2021!
This event is being held virtually. Online tickets are available here.

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Event Information

Date: May 13, 2021

Time: 6:00 PM Eastern to 7:00 PM Eastern

Our Awardees

The Daughters of Charity
The Mary McGrory Advocacy Award

Miguel Coppedge and Jake Garner
The Michele Heidenberger Volunteer Award

Our Theme

Our theme for Hope Blossoms 2021 is "Our Roots Run Deep" - representing our 160-year history of supporting vulnerable mothers and their children in the Washington D.C. region. Throughout our sixteen decades, there have been many "roots" which have helped us to grow and fulfill our mission.

Our very founding was rooted in the conviction of the Daughters of Charity to care for orphans. Their conviction became a mission, and in 1860 three Daughters of Charity sisters founded our first care center in D.C. Three years later, this mission was confirmed and expanded when President Lincoln signed an Act of Congress incorporating us as St. Ann's Infant and Maternity Home, as we were then called.

The tradition of care that began during the Civil War served to define and re-define St. Ann's Center through the momentous historical events of the 20th Century, including two World Wars, the 1918 Flu Pandemic, and the Great Depression. As the D.C. region itself grew and expanded, our strong roots allowed us to also branch out and adapt, as St. Ann's Center shifted from primarily caring for children to supporting vulnerable young mothers and their children on their journey toward stability.
From our founding to the present day, our roots have also run deep amongst friends and benefactors. In times of challenge and in times of plenty, St. Ann's Center benefactors consistently support our work and keep alive the mission of our 19th-Century founders. You continue to sustain both our facilities and programs while also directly impacting the lives of our individual mothers and children who call St. Ann's Center home. In short, you help us continue to grow. Without you, our work is not possible. Thank you.