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Zinzi Christmas Party Raises $30,000 to Support St. Ann's Mission

Zinzi Family Christmas Party donation to St. Ann's Center

For over 25 years, St. Ann's has been fortunate to be one of the primary beneficiary of the Zinzi Family's Annual Christmas Party. This year, the organizers, sponsors and attendees raised $30,000 to support St. Ann's mission to heal, strengthen and inspire vulnerable young mothers and their children. 

Pictured: Beth Fromm (Director of Development), Jeff Harrison, Frank Zinzi, Jr., Chris Zinzi, Sister Mary Bader (CEO), Frank Zinzi, Sr.

Popularly known as the "Bartender's Ball", the party is attended by hundreds of members of Washington D.C.'s bar, restaurant and nightclub industry and is sponsored by several major hospitality and distribution companies. 

We are incredibly grateful to everyone involved in planning this extraordinary fundraiser, particularly the Zinzi family, their friends, and sponsors.