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A Minute With Sister Mary: New Beginnings, Anchored by Housing and Child Care

July 8, 2022
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July 2022: New Beginnings, Anchored by Housing and Child Care

This blog is part of a monthly reflection series from St. Ann's Center CEO, Sister Mary Bader. Find more of these reflections by visiting the archive here: A Minute With Sister Mary.

Hello from Hyattsville! Whether you are reading this message at home, at work, or perhaps at your vacation destination, please know that I am deeply grateful for your continued support of the families living at St. Ann’s Center.

Thankfully, we have been able to welcome four new families to St. Ann’s transitional housing programs over the past few weeks. We are so grateful for you enabling these new beginnings!

While no two families who come to St. Ann’s are alike, we often see common stressors which have previously impacted a family’s ability to maintain independence and stability. These stressors include:

  • Poverty and its daily challenges
  • Severe shortage of affordable housing in our region
  • Shortage of employment opportunities that pay enough
  • Lack of affordable child care options
  • Food insecurity and local food deserts

These are sobering realities. However, no challenge is insurmountable for young mothers when they know they are sincerely cared for and supported in meeting their goals for the future.

From the moment a housing-insecure family arrives at St. Ann’s, they have solved two serious challenges at once: safe housing and child care access, both of which form the bedrock of our programs. As our Residential Staff helps families acclimate to their new living environment, mothers can then begin tackling the other puzzle pieces alongside our Clinical and Social Work Services Team.

With basic stressors alleviated, families can begin the vital work of healing from the past while also learning skills that will ensure continued success long after St. Ann’s. Time after time, I amazed by all that our mothers are able to achieve for their families!

As I reflect on the evolving challenges facing other families in our region and our nation, I hope you will join me in praying and considering how we might all work together for family-friendly programs and policies that will provide hope for those most in need.

Gratefully Yours,

- Sister Mary Bader, CEO

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